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About Us

Tiffany Derrick
At Therapy Services Texas, LLC, we are focused on providing a safe and respectful environment to explore and experience feelings and perceptions. Showing sincere interest in the comfort of clients is our focus. At Therapy Services Texas, LLC, we believe that every situation, every experience, not matter how difficult or painful, is an opportunity for growth and change.
Image by Kelly Rasmussen

At Therapy Services Texas, LLC, we deeply respect the wisdom and insights that you bring to our sessions.  Our role as your therapist is to collaborate with you, drawing upon your self-awareness and aspirations, to offer perspective, guidance, and resources that support your journey toward meaningful and lasting transformation. We believe that therapy extends beyond our sessions; it's a continuous process that encompasses both our time together and your experiences outside of our sessions. We are committed to ongoing personal and professional development, always striving to learn and grow alongside our clients. We understand that moments of feeling stuck are a natural part of the therapeutic process, yet we firmly believe in the possibility of change. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is witnessing our clients discover their strengths, assets, and skills. We approach therapy with a holistic perspective, acknowledging that all aspects of our lives – including sleep, exercise, and other lifestyle factors – impact our mental health. Moreover, we are deeply committed to a solution-focused approach, guiding clients towards tangible and sustainable solutions to their challenges.

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